I have never been happier, and the speed with which they handle my marketing is extremely impressive. Grate job


2 weeks ago

They handle my business like their own and the explanation of their steps is nice and amazing. 👏 I will refer this company to my friends 😉.


month ago

They provide the best social media marketing campaign 👏 and the website design is very good 👍.


5 days ago

We are a seasoned and gifted group of creative professionals who thrive on advancing creativity for the advancement of the digital age.
Here in Nigeria, the UK, the US, and Canada, to name a few, we have regularly worked on and completed projects for small, medium, and large organizations across numerous industries.

We are skilled at creating powerful digital marketing strategies that boost client revenue. We provide compelling marketing solutions such as Search engine optimization, social media marketing, conversion rate optimization, Google advertising, website development, landing pages, radio advertising, television advertising, and billboard advertising.

We are well known for maximizing profit for established and expanding businesses in Nigeria. We are one of the leading marketing agencies in Nigeria.



To enhance sales communication by showing concern for, encouraging, inspiring, and motivating our clients who are positive and believe in our ability to help them save time, become wealthy, and appreciate their families by utilizing every distinct technology that enables them to play.


Our vision is to become a global leader in providing the best and unique market strategies and business transformation models  to improve our client’s productivity and business strength.

About Us

Greetings, business builder
We understand you.
It’s difficult to expand a firm. really difficult.
Most likely, you’re concerned about where your next client will come from.
Angry and sleeping like a two-year-old who is teething,
Your hair turning fifty shades of grey as a result of all the uncertainty
Finally, let’s say.
You have a gazillion things pulling at you. Must I blog? launch a podcast? construct a personal brand? Do chatbots count? Will my flipping existence be documented on Instagram?
Oh, I see. Consider creating a “wonderful” brand-new website. Yep! I’m done now!
That’s exactly what I require to attract more clients.

*Bring me some toasted bread, please.*

And they ultimately engage in a mix of this and that.
With all the things they “have to,” they’ll soon be ripping out their hair.
This rat’s nest of a show is what we call crap.
as well as hell. Look, the majority of business owners suffer from severe shiny object syndrome (SSOS) and a “I can do anything” attitude. We would rather rub chilly pepper in our eyes than run a company that way. However, this is about us, but we would rather talk about you. It concerns you. Because your business isn’t where you want it to be in some way, you’re reading this right now. Despite the fact that you made a tremendous amount of effort to peak your business, you still feel stuck at it, and I bet you this feeling is frustrating. You should ask me why I can relate to this feeling. –well i was in this position years ago where my effort to grow my e-commerce store and trust me i was really doing everything myself and i sometimes pull my eyebrow feeling frustrated.

 (You wouldn’t like how my eyebrows look then.)

You see, there is something failure teaches you, and it is called “options.” I was on the verge of losing it before I threw myself into human behavior research and nailed it down to the marketing aspect. At that point, I realized my business had a chance, and then, guess what? My business went on to make over $642,636 in sales within a few years. I told myself, “O boy, you are a MARKETING WIZARD.” 🧙. That is why i can boldly tell you that not untill you give FUNZITECH SOLUTIONS a chance your business still got a chance. Deep down your gut is telling you something now all you need is not to be doubtful Just do it. I personally wrote this part to let you see the vision I see (only the builders of businesses can see this, which sounds funny but is true). Now do me a favor by leaving every doubtful thought behind and believing in my vision, and I promise you won’t regret this single decision you are about to make.

We are a team of 13 web experts with over 12 years of experience in website building and marketing to help businesses grow online.


If you are looking for the best website design, development, and marketing services to grow your business online, we are here to help. We are a team of certified experts with tremendous experience in web design, development, and marketing who’ll walk with you all through.

Our Core Values

What Our Clients Say

I have known funzitech over the last 6 years and always a pleasure speaking over the phone. My experience has always been great especially with my new website created recently. I'm totally impressed from the first time I saw it online. Highly recommend their knowledge and expertise...give Funzitech a call!
Oladele princess
Your swift attention to my new business and website needs gave me the tools to determine my ideal customer, provide appropriate content and course material, and shoot to the top of Google searches all within a few short months—without spending a dime on ads! Thanks to you, clients from across the country have found me and I’ve been asked to do radio interviews locally and internationally. Brilliant!
John Wekesa
Funzitech Solutions Digital Marketing was referred to me by another company when I was having problems with my website hosted by Yellow Pages. They are amazing at recognizing our needs, reducing the monthly costs and keeping up with ongoing maintenance updates. They are prompt to make amendments and recognizes the importance of our Record label needs. Would recommend them to anyone that requires a landing page monitoring.
Barry Bondz

Do you already have a professional website? We can position your website for profitable and relevant keywords on search engines like Google and Bing.


Have A Project In Mind

We can help you bring your ideas to life. Let’s talk about what we can build and raise together.


Let us build a flourishing business together

When you’re connected with us, you aren’t growing your business alone. We have your back and will do our best to contribute to the growth of your entire team and organization. So, if you are looking for the right marketing agency that’ll help you build a good online presence and bring in more conversions and revenue, we are right here!


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